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Mexico City - Career Re-orientation

This experience in Mexico City could give you a whole new set of options for using your talents. From volunteer jobs, to artistic or sales activities, there are plenty of opportunities.

You may look for a job to teach your native language,. You can contact your embassy to help with translations. You may even want to import decorative items from your country of origin. The possibilities are there, you just need to inform yourself and assess the pros and cons.

Just make sure that you obtain the proper permits and visa, according to the activities you want to develop in Mexico City.

Look into the Career Counselling, Job Market and Job Search Companies sections for more information, as well as under Volunteer Jobs and Work Permit.

A company offering help in re-orienting you into a new job is not known to Paguro here in Mexico. If you have any information, we would like to hear from you.


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