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Mexico City - Expat Jobs and Careers

Getting your career going in Mexico

An obvious fact, often overlooked, is how difficult it is to get a job in an unfamiliar country and in a new city where people speak a different language, not to mention the lengthy process at times required to obtain a work permit.
Even portable careers, that are generally independent of geography, can be next to impossible to continue if they rely on some sort of linguistic interaction with the locals.
While artistic pursuits such as painting, writing, dress-making and computer graphics are fairly portable, actually selling your work can be quite a challenge. It is also difficult for consultants and other free-lancers to find work if they cannot sell themselves to companies or communicate with their usual client base.

It could be time to reassess your skills! One skill you should not overlook is your ability to speak your native language. You can offer private classes, foreign language lessons are in great demand.

Translation may be another path open to you. Due to the internet making the world a smaller place, it is possible for you to translate to and from languages not spoken in your adopted country. Bear in mind that most translation companies demand a very high level of knowledge of both translation languages.

Before you embark on any paid work from foreign sources, it would be useful for you to consult with a lawyer to see what the implications are for your visa status and your tax situation.

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