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Mexico City - Training Online

Before choosing a course, these are some of the criteria to keep in mind:
Check the cost of an entire course and materials, it is very costly to ship large amounts of textbooks from overseas. Check with the local chapter of the relevant professional association for that particular industry to ensure your chosen course has industry recognition. (The telephone directory will have the association telephone number or collectively the associations are held in the Encyclopedia of Associations, which is found in the library). Where possible, find a recommendation from another student or ask the institute to refer you to a few candidates.

  • Universidad Virtual del Sistema Tecnologico de Monterrey
    Virtual University Administration
    Ave Eugenio Garza Sada 2501 Sur
    Sucursal de Correos 'J'
    Monterrey NL 64849
    Tel: + 52 8358 2000 / ext 6700
    Fax: + 52 8328 4017
    They offer a wide variety of courses, including graduate courses, in English and Spanish.
  • Capacitacion CINTERAC a Distancia

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