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Mexico - Teenagers' Hangouts

A lot of your teenager's social life will revolve around school, classmates, and of course, the hottest discos and restaurants preferred by them. You might be surprised to know that many teenagers are allowed to take part in Mexico City's nightlife. By the way, there are so many dance clubs and restaurants, that whatever is considered "in" one weekend, is forgotten the next.

This doesn't mean that you  must allow your children out every weekend night. Teenage nightlife is one of the many features this city has to offer, and it's up to you if,  and when and where your children are going to spend one or more evenings at a teen dance club, bar or restaurant. Unlike other countries, these places are allowed to serve alcohol to everybody.

Chances are, that they will also be invited to a lot of 'quince años'. These are parties organized by girls turning fifteen years old. Years ago, these parties consisted of a thanksgiving Catholic mass followed by a black-tie affair with a formal dinner and live music, including waltzes, where friends and their parents were invited. Today however, the birthday girl invites all of her friends (and friends' friends) to dance the night away at a fashionable nightclub or discotheque specially reserved for the event. Today, parents are not invited and alcohol is served throughout.

On weekday afternoons, teenagers love to hangout at malls and cinemas. We suggest you check the cinemas section for a complete listing.