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Hong Kong - What Is Not Available Locally

Hong Kong is a very cosmopolitan city and I have been able to find almost every food item I have needed.  I may have had to go to three stores to do so, but I have found them.  You won’t be able to find low-fat items here, like no-fat sour cream or low-fat butter.  You will find normal sour cream and butter though.  I have found reduced fat cheese at CitySuper.  Hong Kong carries more and more items each year.

Spices are found in abundance here, although saffron is very expensive.  Many Indian foods and spices are sold in TST.  An Indian friend said she always buys masalas when she is in India and brings them here as the quality is better and the prices are much cheaper.  She also brings a leaf used in cooking as it’s not available here.  There are areas of the city that have Thai food stores.  Citysuper and Olivers are two stores that carry specialty foods.  Sogo in Causeway Bay has many Japanese items. 


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