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Hong Kong - Expat Jobs and Careers


A description of careers which may be available through the use of computers and connectivity
It didn't exist a few years ago, but with the advent of the internet, the possibility arose of being available to a company by remote access.

Portable careers  
Portable careers are defined as all sorts of activities that do not require you to be in a geographical location. Therefore the list, thanks to the advent of the internet, is becoming quite a long one:
artist (painting, sculpting etc.)
computer graphic
web design...
If you are in Hong Kong on a dependents visa, you can have a portable career. You must take the initiative to inform the government that you are liable for taxes and report your earnings. If you do not have a work visa or a dependents visa, you can not legally work in Hong Kong.

Telecommuting is also a relatively new career choice for many people. This geographical freedom does not necessarily apply across country borders and thus there is a gray area. This is a subject which needs further feedback from anyone who has experienced telecommuting, in order to avoid nasty surprises for those who plan working in a different country from their employer. At present, we are unaware of enough examples to scrutinize and advise.

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