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Munich - Utilities

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 One company services most of the utilities in Munich: the SWM, Stadtwerke München. The SWM is the only body that provides water and sewage. While SWM is also responsible for electricity and gas, many private competitors are opening up the market.

Stadtwerke München
Kapellenweg 4-6
Tel: + 49 (0) 89 23610
Heating (Heizung)
Most homes and offices have permanent heaters under the windows which are heated by warm water circulating through the entire building. Turning the heater on and off allows water to oscillate through the heater.
There are two types of heating: "Fernwärme" where the warm water comes to the building from an external pipe, or "Heizöl," a central heating unit usually located in the basement of the building. Fernwärme is billed directly to the tenant by the SWM. If the water is heated within the building, then this is charged to the tenant via the landlord, and is often included in "Nebenkosten". In both cases, a meter reader will visit your premises once a year.


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