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Munich - TV, Cable, Internet, Radio

Internet cafes

  • There are quite a few internet cafes around Munich. The largest is the easyInternetCafe opposite the main entrance of Hauptbahnhof.
  • Close to the Hauptbahnhof at Bayerstr 10 is the Times Square München Online Bistro. Near Marienplatz there's the Internet Cafes in München at 12 Altheimer Eck.

  • You are able to pick up many more TV stations when you have cable TV. A lot of these stations are thematic, such as MTV, Eurosport and Kika the children's network. There are many infomercial stations (but not all!) that actually change their programming to semi-decent entertainment in the evenings. "TM3" constantly broadcasts competitions where you can play spot the difference between two pictures, work out which match you have to move to make an equation correct and even take on the host at playing Connect 4.
  • Most apartment buildings will have cable access, and the fee is often included in your "warm" rent. Although CNN is the only English language station, there are Turkish, Polish and Swiss (where they speak Swiss French with French subtitles and Swiss German with German subtitles) language stations. Some stations broadcast in multiple languages, but you need a special TV to be able to choose between the different sound channels.
    Go to for a list of channels and tuning details.


  • TV news bulletins in Munich generally go for less than half an hour.