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Munich - Teenager Hangouts

Life for teenagers in Munich may be very different to what teenagers in other countries are used to. Since school finishes at 1pm (international schools finish at 4pm), there is plenty of time for hanging out during the week as well as on weekends.

Favourite hanging out places include the meadows near the Eisbach in the Englischer Garten in Summer for volleyball, floating (jumping into the river and being carried along by the current), and lounging around in the sun with friends. The various outdoor swimming pools around Munich are also popular during the Summer months, as is the Olympic Park where there is a 'Sommerfest' during the Summer school holidays. Flat, paved places for rollerblading are often jammed with teenagers in Summer.

In winter, places for ice-skating are very popular.

Year-round, teenagers like to hang out in the centre of Munich and go and see movies.

Teenage boys also like to hang out together at friends' houses playing computer games.