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Munich - Books, Magazines and Music Shops

Where to find books, magazines and music shops in Munich.

Communication of an artistic nature, namely novels, movies and TV programs not originally in the German language, may take a little longer to get to Munich, although pleasingly the 5th Harry Potter novel did go on sale simultaneously in Munich as in the rest of the world without having to wait for the German translation which was published five months later.



There is no shortage of choice in Munic regarding books, including foreign ones.

Marienplatz, Karlsplatz, Theatinerstr, Neuperlach Zentrum, Rotkreuzplatz.
When Munchners think of a bookshop, they automatically think of Hugendubel. It is the biggest chain bookshop, selling everything from fiction to computer books, cooking books, travel guides, phrasebooks and maps, school texts, comic books and children's books, including a variety of foreign-language books (for which you pay a premium: Neuperlach Zentrum does not stock foreign language books). If you want a book and you can't get it at Hugendubel, you won't get it anywhere in Munich.

Word's Worth
Schellingstr 21
This bookshop close to the university is a great place to find foreign language texts.

Travel guides and maps.
Large department stores (see 'Shopping' for a list) also stock foreign language books, as well as the items listed above.


Large department stores have a wide selection of CDs and DVDs, notably on the 6th floor of Hertie at Bahnhofsplatz. Check that the DVDs have the language you are looking for. Some of them are German only, and most are German plus the original language of the film.
Other music and DVD stores are listed below.

WOM World of Music
Kaufingerstr 15
(Kaufingerstr is the main pedestrian shopping street between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz.)

Schwantalerstr 115
Olympia Einkaufs Zentrum and Kaufingerstr

Sheet Music

If you manage to find time within the restricted hours in which you can play a musical instrument and want to increase your repertoire, you can find sheet music at Bauer and Hieber on the corner of Dienerstr and Landschaftstr, at the back of the town hall.


Magazines are generally not available in supermarkets.

Naturally, magazines are available from Hugendubel.

Presse und Buch
These outlets with branches at Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) and Ostbahnhof (the East train station) have a range of foreign-language magazines and newspapers, as well as books.

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