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Croissy - Welcome

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Croissy lies west of Paris between La Defense and Saint Germain-en-Lay, together with other small towns (Chatou, Carrieres-sur-Seine, Le Mesnil Le Roi, Maisons Laffitte, Sartrouville, Le Vesinet, Montesson, Houilles, Le Pecq) is part of the area known as La boucle de Seine (the bend of the river Seine).

The area was well known by the Impressionist painters who left many masterpieces immortalizing beautiful scenes all along the river.
At some point in the past, Croissy was even a protagonist in social change with La Grenouillere being the 'hot spot' of a trendy and daring lifestyle.
From the start of the 19th century, the island of La Grenouillère, or Ile de la Chaussée, become ultra fashionable. People came by ferry from Bougival, from Chatou by l'Ile du Chiard and by the causeway built by Louis XIV for the Machine de Marly.

Today this lovely city attracts many foreigners who find the place conveniently located if their children attend the Lycee in saint-Germain en Laye, the British School of Paris, the American School of Paris.

The 'centre-ville' provides a reasonable number of shops from bakeries to banks and an active morning market which takes place on Fridays and Sundays.
There are several parks, some situated on the river islands. Croissy is home to the 13th century chapel of St Leonard, situated near the banks of the Seine.

The city council is committed to welcome foreigners and their English website for newcomers is the best proof of this embracing attitude.
Croissy-sur-Seine city council website for newcomers (English)

Croissy - Schools
Public and private schools, including pre-schools.
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Which services are avilable to face an unecpected event.
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What is available
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Social scene for foreigners in Croissy and surroundings
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What to do when an emergency occurs
Croissy - Schools
Public and private schools, including pre-schools.
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List of doctors working in Croissy and nearby areas who speak other languages beside French.
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Croissy is a new location. Find here the first documents being published!
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Info for foreigners in Croissy

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