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Croissy - Schools

Public and private schools, including pre-schools.

A small city at the doorsteps of Paris and yet, with the exception of University all level of instructions are present, from nursery, to primary, middle and high school.

Anyone interested in pursuing the french curriculum will have access to very good facilities and level of education.

Croissy is a destination for expat because is also home to the long-standing British School of Paris a private non-profit educational institution catering for English-speaking children of over 50 nationalities from ages 4-18.

British School of Paris

The BSP comprises two separate campuses; one junior school and one senior school. The Senior and Junior divisions of the British School of Paris are located in Croissy. The original Junior division building of the school, which operates concurrently to the one in Croissy, is located in nearby Bougival.
The BSP celebrated its 50th anniversary as a school in 2004.

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