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Paris - Cinema

Paris and the outskirts boast large cinema centers with different movies showing .

Foreign films may be dubbed in French, but some might be in the orginal language with subtitle. Films that are shown in the original language are VO (version originale), when dabbed are VF (version francaise). TIP: Make sure you do not end up watching a film in Japanese though, thinking that VO means english all the time.

Films change programme on a Wednesday and in general new movies are released all over France at the same time

Often cinemas have shows during the day dedicated to the VO.

Salle d'essai
Some cinemas show art films, old movies, and less popular films and are known as salles d'art et essais, often film festivals are organized around themes (classics, a selection of the same director' movies, films from a particular country, etc.).

A cinematheque is the gathering for film-addicts can where they enjoy cult and movies of special interest. Cinémathèque Française is Paris best know cinematheque. Also the Vidéothèque de Paris sports cinemas facilites.

Buying tickets

Students can have discounts as well as children  and you can ask to the cinema chain  (UGC, Gaumont,  etc.) about their discount options (subscriptions, chequebooks, cards, etc.), which can considerably reduce the ticket price though it might narrow your choice as well.

Remeber that if you are part of a large corporation there might be the possibility trough the "Comite' d'entreprise" to buy pack of 10 tickets at nearly 50% less than single tickets

You can usually buy cinema tickets in advance, either by phone or online, which will save you from queuing later. Be warned thought that to obtain your tickets at the kiosk you will have to present the SAME credit card used for the payment!

Tickets are cheaper at cinematheques and at Vidéothèque de Paris.

Choosing a movie

To find out the movie showing you can either buy Pariscope or L'Officiel at any news stand (both few cents investment) or check online at various website offering also the possibility of buying your ticket online such us
french version but fairly simple to use
french only but quite easy to navigate
cinema chain, possibility to buy tickets and other discounted offer online. French only.
cineme chain, you can buy cards and tickets online. quite handy. Master the basic French


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