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Paguro Expat Guide: Croissy-sur-Seine

Croissy is under construction. Please find below the first batch of documents already published.

Croissy - Transport
Croissy - Groups
Social scene for foreigners in Croissy and surroundings
Croissy - For expatriates
Info for foreigners in Croissy
Croissy - Leisure
Fun activities to do in and around Croissy
Croissy - Services
Car repair, tailors, hairdressers a useful overview of reliable services in Croissy.
Croissy - Insurance
Where to go in Croissy for your insurance needs (auto, house, etc.)
Croissy - Shopping
What is available
Croissy - Doctors
List of doctors working in Croissy and nearby areas who speak other languages beside French.
Croissy - Pets
How is life for pets in Croissy? List of vets and other services for pets in the area.
Croissy - Schools
Public and private schools, including pre-schools.
Croissy - Unexpected
Which services are avilable to face an unecpected event.
Croissy - Housing
Finding a house in Croissy
Croissy - Schools
Public and private schools, including pre-schools.
Croissy - Pharmacies
Croissy - Money
Banks in Croissy
Croissy - Emergencies
What to do when an emergency occurs
La Boucle de la Seine
A super-municipality grouping seven smaller ones, which is home to many expatriates in the western suburbs of Paris.
Paris - Doctors
Paris - House repair and maintenance
Paris - Expat Clusters

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