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Denmark - Car insurance

What you need to know about car insurance in Denmark

Ansvars forsikring (3rd party liability)

Third party liability insurance (Ansvars forsikring) is compulsory in Denmark.

This insurance covers damages to other persons (including the car's passengers) and other people's belongings, but does not cover damages to the driver nor damages to driver's or passengers' belongings (like content of the car or of a trailer).

Kasko forsikring

As part of the compulsory third party liability insurance, many people opt also for a 'Kasko forsikring', which, if you have subscribed a loan to purchase your car, will often be imposed by the loan institution.
This insurance covers any damage to the insured vehicle as well as theft, with few exceptions, like:

  • mechanical damages, unless caused by fire, explosion, short circuit, lightning, theft or during transportation using another mean of transport.
  • damages caused by wear and tear, rust and scratches etc.
  • damages done on purpose.
  • damages caused while driver was intoxicated, unless it is proved that the driver was not at fault.
  • damages cause with a driver with no driving license, unless it is proven that the damages are not due to lack of driving skills.

Young drivers' insurance

Driving age for moped is 15 in Denmark and for cars is 18. The cost of adding another driver to a car insurance policy is less than creating a policy in the name of an adolescent, in this case the premium is quite high.

The Danish insurance companies have different plans and prices and can offer you good deals, especially if you sign up more than one insurance policies (house, car, travel etc.) with the same insurer.

Contact different insurance companies to understand which are the policy plans offered and their prices, so you can have an idea of the market and which options suit you best.

You can search for insurance online and in the telephone book under forsikring.

Useful vocabulary

Bilforsikring - car insurance
Campingvognforsikring - camper/mobile home insurance
Motorcykelforsikring - motorbike insurance
Knallertforsikring - moped insurance
Indbo - is the content of your home
Husforsikring - house insurance
Sommerhusforsikring - summer house insurance
Hundeansvarsforsikring  - dog insurance
Ungdomsforsikring - insurance for persons under the age of 21(not living at home)
Ulykkesforsikring - accident insurance

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