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Houston - Local gastronomy

Eating out around Houston can satisfy every budget and taste possible, with literally thousands of restaurants available. However, the local gastronomy can be split into various denominations.

Traditionally, Texan food comes under the title Texan BBQ and there are some excellent samples of this to be found in a variety of restaurants in Southwest Texas. The background of this is smoking foods and using outdoor cooking, so this speciality becomes something of an art in local circles!

Many camping stores and traditional gift outlets sell all kinds of wood for smoking, as well as traditional cooking accessories such as Mesquite marinades and BBQ marinades.

Another local speciality is fish due to the proximity to the Galveston coast. There are seasonal 'craw fish broils' to look out for, as well as cajun specialities. Most of the grocery and speciality stores sell 'broil' and 'cajun' starter packs to help you along the way.

The other locally inspired gastronomy is Mexican, having just crept over the border and due to the strong Hispanic influence in and around Houston. Houston boasts many excellent Mexican restaurants both authentic and some more trendy, but all of a good standard. All of the grocery and speciality stores sell extensive Mexican food accompainment ranges, if you plan to cook at home.

Restaurants with authentic Texan food:

  • Goode Company Barbecue
    5109 Kirby Dr
    Tel: + 1 (713) 522 2530
    This is an authentic Texas barbecue venue with a traditional range of smoked barbecued meats, beans, coleslaw etc. with indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant has a store opposite, selling all the familiar barbecue accessories and traditional sauces.
  • Swinging Door Restaurant
    3714 FM 359
    Tel: + 1 (281) 342 4758
    Just short of Richmond, Southwest Houston, this popular venue is an authentic specialized restaurant with a great Texan feel and a good range of smoked barbecue meats and side orders.
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