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Houston - Expat jobs and careers

A description of careers which may be available through the use of computers and connectivity

It didn't exist a few years ago, but with the advent of the internet, the possibility arose of being available to a company by remote access.
Telecommuting is also a relatively new career choice for many people. 
This geographical freedom does not necessarily apply across country borders and thus there is a gray area.
This is a subject which needs further feedback from anyone who has experienced telecommuting, in order to avoid nasty surprises for those who plan working in a different country from their employer. 
At present, we are unaware of enough examples to scrutinize and advise.
Paguro welcomes your input and any experience on this issue!

Expat jobs and careers
Portable careers are defined as all sorts of activities that do not require you to be in a geographical location. Therefore the list, thanks to the advent of the internet, is becoming quite a long one:

artist (painting, sculpting etc.)
computer graphic
web design

Bear in mind, you do have to comply with visa regulations and ‘not work’ in the States if so is stated on you visa (for your knowledge L2 and E2 are eligible for Employment Card, more info about this in the "work permit" file).

Careers that allow you to work from home using your computer are bringing about major question marks. Since this is a gray area where the legislation is continually changing, because governments try to adapt to the changes brought about by new technologies, it would be better to seek lawyer assistance to clear your position. It may be possible, for example, that you are allowed to work from home in the USA and be paid overseas by foreign companies, but better be sure than sorry.

Another example: if you are a painter and create your paintings in the USA, to sell in the USA you have to have a work permit in the USA.

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