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Jakarta - Alteration and tailors

The alteration of any articles, from clothing and accessories to items for home use is possible here. The tailoring standards meet that of the top Asian cities. Jakarta is a great place to have things made.

Jakarta has every possible option available for alteration and tailoring.


Services range from the chance to have fittings and designs in the privacy of your own home to a visit to up-market designer, or to shop around one of the abundant tailors around to design and have made home décor items, source rich fabrics from elaborate batiks, saris and wedding gowns, Jakarta has it all.


This is largely due to the fact that historically, as well as a vibrant textile manufacturing  industry, Indonesians have traditionally had all clothes designed and made to measure for everyday clothing through to elaborate custom and state costumes. The Batik industry is immense and 'custom bought' clothing is a more recent concept.


 For tailoring design and alterations to clothing that you have in your closet,


Jakarta is on a level with top Asian cities, whereby there are literally hundreds of tailor and outfit shops that will make to measure, within a very short timetable and up to custom made standards.


Prices are reasonable, depending on the fabrics you are choosing from the shop, or taking along with you. Most tailors are comfortable with your supplying them an item of clothing of which you like the fit of.  The shop you choose is largely dependent on the area you live (Jakarta traffic congestion), and the service you feel comfortable with. Ask friends / neighbors for recommendations or Paguro BuZz for recommendations.


Specialist Batik, evening gown and wedding gowns tailors often work by appointment only.


Machine embroidery and hand embroidered tailoring is exquisite here, as well as the hand made Batiks and silk-screens and many people will collect their entire household needs whilst in Jakarta so do be prepared!


Many tailors and designers speak English.


Some clothing stores and boutiques, as well as some department stores offer alterations


for the clothes you buy in-store, as Jakarta prides itself on meeting the needs of the tourist industry, the local population and expatriates from all over the world. Thus, different shapes and sizes are catered for. Do ensure you understand the return policy applicable for altered garments, due to the fact that usual international policy applies whereby shops will refuse to take altered items back as returns.


Tips and tricks for alterations and tailoring


Take a sample where possible


Always check the entire cloth or piece for flaws before it is cut


Stalls and small shops will generally allow for bargaining or discounts


Fabric shops in malls usually offer fixed prices


Dictionary of sewing items


belt                               sabuk

buckle                          gesper, kepala ban

button                           kancing

canvas                          kain layar (as in needlepoint)

chalk (tailors)                kapur  

cloth                             kain

cotton                           kain katun,                                            



crochet hook                hakpen

cross stitch                   sulam menyilang, krostik

embroidery hoop          ram


embroidery thread        benang sulam


eyelets              mata


interfacing                     lapisan dalam


lace                              renda, kain renda


needle                          jarum


darning jarum jelujur


embroidery       jarum sulam


knitting jarum rajut


pin                                kain keras


safety pin          peniti


ribbon                          pita








scissors                        gunting








silk                               sutera, kain sutera








stiffening                       kainkeras biasa








stuffing  hard     kapuk




                        soft       kapas








tape measure                centimeter








thimble             pelindung jari








thread                           benang




            cotton               benang katun




            polyester          benang astra




            quilt thread       benang kasar








zipper                           ritsleting