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Jakarta - After school activities

For children and teenagers, most activities are centered around the school itself or available through the school and its clubs. The traffic congestion and proximity of schools to your home dictates many of the options that your children will follow.

If you are looking for a sport that it isn’t offered at schools or clubs, there are even more activities available around Jakarta at the end of the list. 

The following are available through schools and clubs:

Aerobics, Amateur theater, Art, Badminton, Ballet, Basketball, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies, Canoeing, Chess, Choir, Computing, Cooking, Cricket, Dance, Drama, Fitness training, Football, Fussball, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Horse Riding, IT Robotics and technology, Languages, Martial arts, Music classes, Netball, Orchestra, Origami, Performing arts, Petanque, Rafting, Rugby, Sailing, Softball, Scuba diving, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis, Yoga 

In addition, there are numerous activities available through the malls and recreation centers such as:

Billiards, Bowling, Go-carting, Hash house harriers, Hip hop, Ice skating, Jazz, Oceanarium and sea world, Paintball, Textiles, Theater, Theme park (Roller coasters and rides), Waterbom and water boom, White water rafting, Zoo and safari.