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Jakarta - Advantages for seniors

Jakarta has many attractions for visiting seniors.

If you are considering Jakarta as an intended resident, the scenario here in Jakarta is vastly different than for that of Bali for example, where overseas property purchase is permitted. Long term rental in Bali unlike Jakarta can be inexpensive and is easily accessible or like the situation in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia or Florida, USA, where retiring expats and seniors are actively encouraged to take up residence.

Not so in Jakarta or Indonesia in general, (Bali being the exception) where the visa formalities alone (except for a visitor - listed countries allow visa on arrival! - see city -Tourism information), involve vast amounts and processing of paperwork, many expense payments and the need of a sponsor or employer (who uses a knowledgeable person) to deal with this time-consuming and in depth procedure.
Therefore as a senior long term resident, forget Jakarta (however as of mid 2009 the authorities have announced that purchase of property for expats is being considered), but as a senior visitor / visiting expat or using the city as a base for exploring Indonesia, Jakarta is a gem. With hundreds of international and regional flights weekly using the international Soekarno-Hatta Airport situated in the West of the city, it offers a great base. Travel time from the airport is determined by the speed and flow of traffic and Jakarta is renowned for it's traffic congestion. This congestion is the most important factor to be considered when choosing where to stay / eat / visit etc. 
Such a diverse and overly populated city with over 10 million people and a primary reputation for being a city of commerce, Jakarta has some interesting alternative attractions. The city is generally safe, certainly in terms of comparative to many Western cities but as with any situation, follow the points on Paguro's individual city - Safety tips pages.
Around the suburbs and walking out and about requires caution, as health and safety are yet to be of much impact here and sidewalks and pavements are haphazard and often uneven. Taxis are available however, with any city with a monsoonal climate; one can never find taxis when one needs them most!
Jakarta, with its seemingly endless air conditioned malls and shopping centers offers visiting seniors plenty of walking / shopping and varied cultural entertainment out of the frequent rain, heat and humidity of the city.
Jakarta is also home to more than 15 important cultural sites and museums, historical, textile and maritime, just to mention a few. With a rich history background of kingdoms, Sultanates and colonial Dutch influences, plus the batik textiles, arts, ceramics and spice industries, these alone provide much for visitors and expats alike to check out. More than 15 golf courses of championship quality plus many others in the suburbs allow good golfing plus an insight in the extraordinary range of botanical species here (and some wildlife on occasions). The abundance of sports and other facilities available are typical more of Asia rather than Western cities.