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An expat is someone who no longer feels at home in his home country, nor in his hosting country - (Leonardo da Vinci)

 Same name, same address, exciting new format! 

Paguro BuZz

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What's cool about it

Paguro network is where people come together, create the BuZz and you can "bee" part of what is going on. Not a member yet? Join Paguro Network now!  it is free and fast

Paguro Bee

As a registered user your name will appear in Paguro Network since the default status of new registration is set to Public Draft, but you can change your status at any time.

Public Draft mode allows you to appear in Paguro Network listing, enabling other Paguro users to see you and contact you through the website: your private email is never disclosed or shown anywhere on the site!

Users can also view any item you have added in your folder (news, events, images, ... even your own message board!) if you have chosen to share it by publishing it. You can change the status of your folder and any items contained in it at any time. Should you wish to opt out of public view, simply select Private from the status menu of your personal folder or of the item you wish to withdraw from public view. You can share your items with some people and not others.

The options are so many that we created PaguroPublish! to make it easier for you to discover all the things you can do as part of Paguro. 

Curious or stuck? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will "bee" happy to assist 

Enjoy and welcome to Paguro Network

The Paguro Team

Join a community of people just like you. To register click now!

It is free and always will bee :-)






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