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Expat Websites

Have you come across sites you feel are useful to expatriates? Here is where to share them with other expatriates

Websites for Expats

A collection of websites useful for expats. Do you have one to contribute? Add a comment! All about connecting expats to benefit from country message boards to share personal tips and advice.

American Foreign Service Families The Lifelines site for American State department families with lots of content and useful links.

American Womens Group in Paris AWG is a social, cultural and educational organization offering many activities to enrich your French experience.

An American  A community area for Americans residing overseas and a source of information for traveling and living abroad.

Anglo Info in France English-speaking expats living in France.

Asia Xpat On line expatriate guide for relocating and living in Asia. Lots of information on many Asian large cities.

Australians Abroad Meant for Aussies but not only.

Absolute Barcelona  International business directory with forums, business chat, networking, practical info, free classified ads, online hotel booking and more.

Barcelona Connect Info on nightlife, living and enjoying Barcelona.

Belgium expats A site for Expatriates living in Brussels.

Belgium STUDS A casual, multinational group of males, most trailing spouses in Belgium because of their wives' jobs, STUDS is the acronym of Spouses Traveling Under Duress.

British Club Worldwide Brits around the world 

British Expat On line magazine for British expats full of info, forum, travel section and ways to keep in touch with Brits abroad.  An Interactive Relocation Resource. For over 20 years, BR Anchor Publishing has provided domestic and international relocation books for young children, preteens, teens and adults. The company's distinctive books offer the most up-to-date advice, valuable checklists and Internet resources. Access their user-friendly to read book excerpts, reviews and school studies.
Contact Amy Roman at [email protected] or 800.735.9209

Buenos Aires International Newcomers Discover Argentina with the help of this multinational, multicultural expat group living in Buenos Aires.

Canuck Abroad  A resource for Canadian expats abroad and wouldbe travelers rich in links and information about cheap flights and tickets, cheap trains, hostels, hotels, guide books, overseas jobs, and more.

Club Scandinavia Online community of Scandinavians in Europe.

Cross Border Living A cross border life revisited through a comprehensive life and financial lens. Books and other resources available.

Culture Crossing Cross-cultural do's and dont's as well as customs in over one hundred countries.

DIY Expat - The totally ultimate to working in Europe for Non-Eu citizens
constantly updated, DIY Expat is the only book and website which gives you the details on work permits, job visas, permanent residency, dual
nationality and more in plain English.

Expatexchange - A web-based business helping expatriates find relocation service providers and research what it would mean to relocate to a new country and culture.

Expat Today - A Directory resources for people living and working abroad, mostly centered around France and Paris

Excess Luggage - Specialist baggage moving service provider, baggage movers, excess baggage, personal effects, unaccompanied luggage, baggage delivery, luggage shippers and luggage moving services and international household removal.

Permits Foundation- An international non-profit corporate initiative to promote access of accompanying spouses and partners of international staff to employment through an improvement of work permit regulations.
More than forty major international companies and organisations worldwide have joined the Foundation to encourage governments to relax work permit regulations that currently make it difficult for spouses to work in many countries.
Site in English only

Workpermit - Registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and offers immigration and work permit consultations and services for entry to the UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and most Western European Countries.
Site in English,  Русский,  Français,  Italiano 

ShanghaiexpatSite for people living and working in Shanghai, China. Great articles on relocation, forums, photos and a very active community.

VoglioVivereCosi - Creato nel febbraio 2007 da Alessandro Castagna, Voglio Vivere Cosi' è un punto di riferimento per la comunita' Italiana che è partita o pensa di partire per altri lidi, lontano dallo stivale. Ricco di esperienze vissute e di informazioni sugli errori da evitare quando si pianifica di trasferirsi all'estero e di suggerimenti su come affrontare il grande passo.

Mollotutto - Creato nel 1998 da Massimo Dallaglio, giornalista pubblicista e fotografo, il sito è stato il primo sito italiano ad occuparsi della tematica del trasferimento definitivo all'estero. Massimo oggi direttore responsabile del magazine registrato come editoria online: MOLLOTUTTO © 1998 Marchio Depositato - Reg.Trib. RE N°1217, ha ben chiara la "mission" di MOLLOTUTTO: fornire consigli e notizie provenienti direttamente da chi è veramente espatriato, sotto forma di articoli ed interviste! Inoltre suggerisce "libri" e "guide" per cambiare vita e trasferirsi a vivere e lavorare all'estero.

Per ascoltare l'intervista radiofonica rilasciata alla radio svizzera in Ottobre 2010 da Massimo Dallaglio clicca qui.

Molti altri progetti sono in fase di evoluzione legati a, come per esempio (sito recentemente acquisito) dove è presente una utility unica al mondo che ti permette di verificare gratuitamente i paesi nei quali hai i requisiti per ottenere un visto permanente!

English Living Abroad in Dresden A site packed with information to help you settle in Dresden Germany.

Enter Shanghai A comprehensive website for anyone relocating to Shangai

EnterSingapore Moving to Singapore? Lots of info available for you.

Escape Artist the historic website for anyone considering to set foot outside its home country, so much information as to feel daunting at times. 

Expat Advisory Free business listings, free event listings, free forums and articles uploaded by users.

Expat Blog Discover how your experiences are not so strange or unheard of: read the blogs of other expats around the world.

ExpatsMalta  English Speaking Expats in Malta

Expat Coach On line coaching services to expats anywhere in the world.

Expat Exchange Expatriate community with experts and chat groups.

How To Get an American Passport in a Hurry 

Country-Specific Travel Information from US government

International Travel: Resource Library Compiled by the US government it is an Find an A-Z list of international travel resources on currency exchange rates, entry requirements, international driver's licenses, travel warnings, and more.

Expat eews and information for expats by expats.

Expat Guide Home of The Expert Expatriate authors Melissa Hess and Patricia Linderman. Resources and other useful info from the seasoned US diplomatic wives and writers. 

Expat Index An online information and shopping site for British expatriates.

Expat Info Desk City guides and a free resources section with general information on successfully moving and working overseas.

Expat Living 101 Anyone planning to move abroad will find support and assistance to make the right choice.

Expat Shanghai Online support and assistance, business and services directories, guides, a variety of useful tools and online translators.

Expat Singapore For people living or moving to Singapore. A-Z information.

ExpatClic A multilingual and international virtual space for expat women all over the world. Free access to every part of the site and practical articles and attention to emotions and feelings in expatriation. Lots of information, message boards, and links to all the groups and schools to get you settled easily.

Expats Abroad Expat community website.

Expats in Barcelona Everything for expats living and working in Barcelona. 

Expats in Brazil  A one stop cyberdestination for expats living in or moving to Brazil.

Expats in Chiangmai Buying and renting property, teaching English, dealing with visas and general tips and recommendations on local services in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Expats in China Infor about moving anfd living in China.

Expats in Hungary Info about moving to or living in Hungary, a one stop site.

Expats in Italy Life in Italy described by expats who have already made the move. ExpatTalk is where you can ask questions about moving to or living in Italy.

Expats in Mexico If you are moving to Mexico a site with info for expats.

Expats in Poland Info and news for expatriates living and working in Poland.

Expats in Prague Assistance and advice for jobs, accommodation, health, family and real estate in the Czech Republic. 

Expats in Pusan Korea Relocation to Pusan in Korea; many of links to other Korean sites.

Expats in South Africa On line community for foreigners in South Africa.

Expats in Switzerland For any foreigner relocating or living in Switzerland.

Expats in the Baltics Expats in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all the info you may need to know.

Expats in the Dominican Republic A blog for expatriates in the Dominican Republic with information and news for expats there.

Expats in Turkey  A community site, which means hello in Turkey is an on line resource to welcome foreigners living in that country.

Expats Moving and Relocation Guide Expat Sharon Gilor helps other expat, based on her own relocation overseas experience, to gather information for a successful life abroad.

Expats Reunite To find lost friends and contacts anywhere in the world. Useful information for women living in Dubai or planning to move to the UAE. Designed to appeal expatriate women, rich personal experiences stories.

Explore Seville Information about living in Seville, Spain

Female Expat Project Collection of writing, art, and audi from female expatriates living around the world.

Femme Expat French only - Expatriate support site for french speaking expatriate spouses and their families.

FOCUS London Expatriates in the UK can find information and assistance, including career assistance for spouses and partners of expatriates.

Foreign Service Youth Foundation Designed to help young people adapt to their changing environments and make the most of their Foreign Service experiences.

Foreign Wives Club information, advice and support to women of all nationalities, races, religions, and ethnic groups married to men from other cultures.

Foreigners in Denmark  Useful resource in English to help newcomers understand Danish culture and to foster friendship with the Danes.

Future Expats  The site for people planning to becoming expats with lots of resources to help you in the process.

Global Coach Center Global Coach support to become successful in unfamiliar environments and cultures.

Global Connection Information and tools to ensure a successful expatriation. Over 50 international organisations support Global Connection.

Global Nomads in DC Global citizens living in the Washington DC area.

Going Global Online service for Germany speaking expats offering information, networking and individual counseling. English speaking expats living in Brazil, news, bulletin board...

Home Sweet Mexico Julia Taylor, author of "The Trick is Living Here", relies information for those who want to work, live, or retire in Mexico based on her personal experiences. 

Hong Kong Expats  Community for Hong Kong expats branching out to more new Asian and Middle Eastern cities. Lots of info about living in Hong Kong.

How To Germany A site for English-speaking expats moving to or living in Germany. Hard copy magazine as well.

InterNations Online social network for people living and working abroad. 

Italy Informer Online guide to living in Italy, geared towards resolving problems with the Italian bureaucracy including immigration, work permits, driving licences, renting and buying property, healthcare and divorce.

Japan in your Palm Expatriate moving to or living in Japan can find "what they want, when they need it" In English.

Just Germany Online Germany travel guide hotels, museums, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, transports, useful phone numbers and weather forecast.

Just Landed in Spain Extensive information and services for foreigners coming to Spain, including info on legal issues such as visas and residencies, accommodation, banking, internet.

Link Expats Social networking website for expatriates.

Lithuania Forum Discussions forum for expats living in Lithuania as well as travelers.

Living in Argentina Site for foreigners living in Argentina.

Living in Egypt Home to the Community Services Association, based in Maadi, which offers programs and activities to the expatriate community working and living in Egypt.

Living in Indonesia For foreigners living or moving to Indonesia.

Living in the French Riviera First hand and current information on the French Riviera, it covers towns and villages from Menton to St. Tropez.

Living in The Hague Enthusiastic professionals advise, mediate, organize and guide expats through the Royal City of The Netherlands.

Living in Vietnam For people who make their home in Vietnam.

Lost in France Information and forum for all expats living in France or for anyone hoping to live in France. 

Mexico My Space  American expatriates in Mexico meeting place

My Global Coach Web site of global coach Val Boyko and her newsletter Expat Smarts.

Network Canada For Canadians living in the UK, a chance to connect with fellow Canucks.

Newcomers to Mexico Welcome and help for families to integrate into the Mexico City Community. The Club promotes Mexican culture and supports a number of charities.

North American Connection Non-profit organization in the British midlands committed to helping North Americans assimilate into the British culture through friendship and support.

Paris in Photos Beside the photos, information and a blog about living in the beautiful city of Paris.

Philippine Portal  A non-sectarian, non-political online community service dedicated to provide information to both foreigners and locals alike.

Prague TV For expats in Prague, the site has a bulletin board, public forum, daily weather updates, news links and more.

Retire in Mexico Advices on how to retire in Mexico.

Rural Spain Any foreigners interested in relocating or spending a holiday in southern Spain.

Seoul International Women For women who want to get involved locally .

Shell Outpost Expat site with information that is a must read. From Royal Dutch/Shell but available to everyone.

Shore Duty Sarah Smiley supports military wives with humour and advice.

Southern Cross Group Australians living and working abroad can find info on visas and much more.

Spain Expat For expats moving to Spain or already living there.

Stavanger Information Network English speaking expats in Stavanger Norway.

Studs of London Belgium STUDS has branched out to London. A point of reference for any trailing male expat spouse in need of a social club and a support group.

Suzhou Expat For expats moving and living in Suzhou China.

TanzaniaAfrica-Beat  Cultural information, hotel listings, restaurants, exchange rates and events.

The American Hour Online outlet of the popular radio program in the UK focused on the needs of Americans living in Britain.

The Canadian Expat A non-government community linking Canadians living abroad under one bilingual platform. 

The Scandinavian Insider For international families living in Sweden and Denmark. 

The Trailing Spouse Australian Yvonne McNulty shares with accompanying spouses her research and insights.

Trailing spouses Pascale Cotton coaches via phone, Internet and tele-trainings expat executives, managers, diplomats, and their spouses wanting to develop their own career or business.

Transition Dynamics Barbara Schaetti coaches expatriates and repatriates.

Turkey Central English Internet directory for anyone moving to or living in Turkey.

UK Yankee Americans living in Britain, sharing their experiences, advice, and friendship.

UK Passport website

US Global Mail For mail forwarding, delivery and storage services for clients wishing to have their goods and/or mail forwarded around the world from the United States. 

A Portable Identity  Help for expatriate women to take control of the changes associated with a move overseas.

Uzbekistan Expats Iinformation on  life in Uzbekistan and its capital Tashkent.

Virtual Vienna Information and virtual community for English speaking expats in Vienna.

We Love Costa Inofrmation about living, investing, real estate and business in Costa Rica.

West Sweden International Network Service and information for expats coming to the area with Volvo Cars, Saab, AstraZeneca.

WICE A Paris based non-profit cultural and educational association providing courses, services and resources for the English-speaking community in and around the city.

Women Living Abroad  For women who have moved with their partners or to take up a job or an adventure of their own abroad.

Women of the World An expat site connecting expat women living in Frankfurt and offering local info.

Yucatan Living Information about Merida and the Yucatan.