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Expat Networks Directory

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Joining social groups or learning a new hobby or even sharing your own particular hobby can be great ways to meet people.  Often people begin their lives in a new country only knowing someone from their company, but when you make the leap to join a group or to learn a new skill, a whole new world can be opened up.  People from all over belong to these groups.  You will be certain to meet someone from somewhere who will become your new friend.

There are national associations which are formed for expatriates from certain countries as a reason to get together, however usually they are happy to take anyone with an interest in their country and perhaps the starting point is that you spent some time in that country once.  There are also general international societies, which celebrate the many nationalities that are represented and the culture of where they happen to be.  Sometimes companies organise social get togethers for the sposes or for mothers and toddlers as well.

To shortcut the settling in process find here the information you need to meet with a group of interest to you. Do you have more to suggest? Use Add Comment below!

Hong Kong - Expat Associations
For anyone interested in speaking other languages beside English and to meet other, fellow expatriates
Copenhagen - Expat associations
A list of useful expat associations in and around Copenhagen
Paris - Expat associations
Munich - Expat associations
Kuwait - Expat associations and social clubs
Kuwait has a lively expatriate community that is organized in various clubs and associations. Explore and find your way around.
Mexico City - Expat Associations
Oslo - Expat Associations
Singapore - Expat Associations
Stockholm - Expat associations
Houston - Expat Associations
Associations and clubs for various nationalities and languages. A good starting point for socialising with compatriots or to get in touch with the international community.
Worldwide - Expat Networks
Some links to organizations active internationally or virtually in various languages. Are we missing something important? Write to us at [email protected] or ADD COMMENT at the bottom of the page

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