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Stockholm - Work permit

If a person is granted a work permit, his/her spouse is granted a work permit for the same amount of time if the time period exceeds six months.

Nationals of Nordic states (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) do not require work or residence permits to take up employment in Sweden.

Nationals of EU states do not require work permits to take up employment in Sweden but must obtain residence permits.

Nationals of other states wishing to take up employment in Sweden must obtain a work permit from the Swedish embassy or consulate in their home country prior to entry. Generally speaking, it is becoming harder for non-EU nationals to obtain work permits for Sweden. Applications must be accompanied by a firm offer of employment from a Swedish employee (Form AMS PF 1704, which your employer can get at the Employment Office).  Applications are then passed to the Immigration Board in Sweden for consideration. Following consultation with the relevant county employment board, the Immigration Board will then issue a permit. Permits are more readily granted to applicants with specialized skills or knowledge and where no local candidate is deemed suitable. The employment offer must make provision for health insurance and accommodation arrangements. .

The permit is valid only for four years, and only for employment in the field for which it was granted, from the employer who offered you employment. The spouse of a work permit holder must obtain a work permit in their own right if they wish to take up paid employment in Sweden.

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