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Stockholm - Volunteer jobs


Volunteers are also needed to help in the shelters, or to donate necessities like hygienic articles as well as coffee and sugar for the shelters. Stockholm's homeless problem is a big city syndrome. The social welfare ideology provides emergency help for most people and guarantees a place to sleep in one of the overnight shelters in the city to those in need as long as they are not under the influence of narcotics. Unfortunately most of the homeless belong to this category. To volunteer or make a donation contact:
Maria Thornberg
Tel: + 46 (0)8 668 07 06
email: [email protected]

Women shelter  

  • Kvinnohusgruppen
    Blekingegatan 67B
    Tel: + 46 (0)8 643 22 00


Secondary Swedish Schools in Stockholm are set up in a way that help from parents is not required, and not even expected. If you wish you can be part of the Parents Association that meets once a month to discuss various issues relating to school life and to financially support extra curricula activities organized by the students. If you are part of a truly international school then a great deal of support from parents in supporting school activities, chaperoning trips and supporting band, dance and sports functions is expected.

Clubs and organizations   

There are many clubs or organizations in Stockholm whose objective is to give support to philanthropic projects:

  • The American Women's Club in Sweden
    Box 12054
    102 22
  • British and Commonwealth Association
    Box 550
    101 30
  • The International Women's Club of Sweden
    Box 7301
    103 90
  • Union des Francais de Suede
    Box 7177
    103 92
Volunteer jobs with religious groups If you have some free time in your hand and wish to help people in need, contact your church.
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