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Stockholm - Natural catastrophes

Sun protection
When you walk or do a sport in the snow remember that the reflection of the sun off the snow is very strong. You should wear a sun protection cream to avoid any damage to your skin.

Winters are very long in Sweden and the level of cold you have to cope with increases as you move towards the north of the country. There is a Swedish saying:" there is no such a thing as bad weather, but bad clothing". You can buy here all you need to be able to cope with the various levels of cold experienced in this country.

It is very important to have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket for your house and keep it in the kitchen where most of the fires start. If you are caught in a fire, REMEMBER: stay low to the ground where the smoke is not so heavy. NEVER hide during a fire. Always get out. Once you are out, stay out, do not run back in because you forgot something.Since one of the most loved pastimes here in Sweden is to walk in the forests be very diligent not to throw away your cigarettes butts  but extinguish them and take them home to throw away. Also, be extremely careful when you have a barbeque because it is easier than you think to start a fire.

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