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Stockholm - TV-Cable-Internet-Radio


Thanks to cable TV you ca receiver a wider range of international TV channels if you live within greater Stockholm or in the suburbs. Blocks of flats in Stockholm have different contracts with different companies which will influence your choice of TV channels and your internet connection. You will need to rent a decoder for a monthly fee and than choose the channels you wish to subscribe to and pay accordingly. If you live in a villa in the suburbs you will need a parabola and a decoder and then you will be able to subscribe to whichever channel providers suites you best. Telia Kabel-TV is the largest cable television company n Sweden. They offer 30-40 channels depending on your area of interest.

Telia Kabel-TV
Box 1136
Nacka Strand
Tel: + 46 (0)8 448 85 00
fax: + 46 (0)8 448 85 90

Channel - kanal
cable companies - kabel företag

For what concerns radio and television, Sweden has passed from a state broadcasting corporation to three independent companies each responsible for a specific field: Sverige Radio AB is responsible for the radio programs, Sverige Television AB for the television programs and Sverige Utbildningsradio for educational radio and television programs. The language used in all the programs is Swedish or in the case of television programs is the original language of the program shown but with Swedish subtitles.


The TV system used in Sweden is PAL. American TV can be run with a transformer if the television is a multi system TV but US videos don't work on Swedish VCRs unless they have a switch to run ntsc format videos.

In Sweden there are not so many channels in fact you will automatically receive:
SVT1, and SVT2 which are government owned and subsidized channels; channel 4 and 4+, TV3, Kanal 5, ZTV and TV6 which are privately owned and commercially funded stations. Programs are listed in the back of all the newspapers included the free of charge ones.


There are four main stations P1, P2, P3 and P4 as well as a number of local stations. If your Swedish is not good than you can listen to the Stockholm International station which informs you in English on what is going on in Stockholm at P6, 89.6FM every morning between 7am and 11am. You can also listen to AufDeutsch at 89.6 between 7pm and 8pm. For programs in other languages call:
Tel: + 46 (0)8 7847288
or look on the internet

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