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Stockholm - Owning a car

Not many people own a car in Stockholm city since you do not need it on an every day basis. Public transport is very efficient and most people use it to go to work. Car parks are not so many in town and they are expensive to use. In addition many people live in flats and these building do not have their own garage. Instead you have to rent a garage in the vicinity on a yearly basis which is, of course, an additional expense. Stockholmers say that it is cheaper to rent a car when they need it than owing one!

Car loans   

You can get a loan to buy your car through your bank. Make an appointment with one of the bank personnel and remember to bring your ID, your residence and work permit. After evaluating your income and your monthly expenses, and what form of security you can provide, they will let you know the loan they are prepared to give you.

Car registration  

If you are a non-resident expat and you are bringing your car into Sweden you can use your original number plate for one year. To register your car in Sweden you must obtain the Road Authority Certificate. Afterwards you will be required to have your car tested by the Road Authority yearly.

Leasing a car  

It is not common in Stockholm to lease a car. People prefer to use public transport and hire a car when needed. However Hertz Sweden offers advantageous and flexible alternatives to car purchase or traditional leasing. Hertz makes individual agreements on long-term rentals depending on the number of cars and rental length.

Arlanda airport-Stockholm, +46 8 797 99 00
Vasagatan 26, Stockholm +46 8 454 62 50
Hertz is represented in 98 locations throughout Sweden.

Buying a car  

To buy a car you need to produce the following documents:
Driving license
Identity card

Selling a car

You can sell your car through your car dealer and in that case you have to pay a percentage which is around ten per cent of the price. But you can also sell the car directly via internet or by putting an advert in the newspaper.

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