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Stockholm - Train system

There is an extensive rail network covering about 11 000km. The trains are clean and punctual. High-speed X2000 trains take only three hours from Stockholm to Göteborg.There are restaurant cars on all main line expresses, most of whichare air-conditioned, and many trains also have buffet cars. All main line express trains have 1st and 2nd class accomodation, with sleeping compartments on night trains. During the summer months motorail sleeper trains run between Malmö and Umeå, Göteborg and Luleå, and Stockholm and Kiruna.

A single fair costs about 50% of a return ticket. Return tickets are valid for 2 months, after which they may be returned and the money refunded on payment of a fee. All train journeys include a seat reservation.

There is space for ordinary light luggage in compartments but heavy luggage must be registered to the destination at a charge based on weight and distance. Luggage barrows are provided free of charge for the use of passengers

Swedish State Railways (SJ) information and route planning

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