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Stockholm - Tax system

In Sweden, everybody complains about how high the taxes are. But you benefit from what you pay in taxes through the national social security system - a system that must be one of the most advanced in the world. Even the Swedes, confronted with the choice of paying less taxes but having to give up a great part of their social benefits, have voted in favour of keeping the expensive tax system.

Expats in Sweden are divided in two groups: those with a work visa and who are considered resident and those who are employed on a diplomatic status with an exemption work certificate and who lack a residence permit. Those who belong to the first group are employed by companies who pay taxes on their behalf as part of the contract. These people will benefit completely from the social system. Those belonging to the second group pay no taxes which means that they will not benefit from the social system and will have to pay heavily for the social services they require. Therefore, they will need to have the right insurances to deal with this situation.

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