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Stockholm - Suggested reading

  • Maypoles, Crayfish and Lucia Swedish holidays and traditions
    By Jan-Öjvind Swahn second edition published1997
  • Swedishness
    By Bengt Anderson, Positiva, Sverige -to order call +46 8 6678051
  • Live & Work in Scandinavia
    By Victoria Pybus & Susan Dunne, published by Vacation Work 1997 has a section on Sweden.
  • What to see and do in and around Stockholm
    (published annually by the Stockholm Information Service).
  • Lonely Planet -Sweden
    By Graeme Cornwallis, published July 2000.
  • The Rough Guide to Sweden
    By James D. Proctor and Neil Roland, published July 2000.
  • Frommer's Sweden
    By Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, published June 1999.
  • Insight Guide- Sweden
    By Insight Guides Staff, 3rd edition.

There are many reference guides available to answer questions ranging from banking to Swedish recipes. Some guides that might prove useful are:

Guide to Sweden 97A free guide
Produced by Sweden Tax-free Shopping, intended to give a preview of all the things you can discover in Sweden and thus make your stay more enjoyable. For more information and free copies contact:
Sweden Tax-free Shopping 
P.O. Box 128
S-231 22
Tel: + 46 (0)8 410-61301

Additional information about Sweden can be obtained by reading Invandrartidningen, the special  immigrant newspaper. This is published weekly in easy Swedish and in Albanian, Arabic, English,  Finnish, Persian, Polish, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, and Spanish. The address to write to is:

  • Invandrartidningen
    Box 1352,
    111 83
    Tel: + 46 (0)8 787 87 00
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