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Stockholm - Sport and social games

Water sports and fishing  

The 6700 km of coastline provide opportunities for every type of water sport; including fishing. Foreign visitors need a permit to fish off the Swedish coast which is obtainable from the local police station or at Sweden House in Kungsträdgården across the street from NK. There are approximately 900 lakes around this area and many of them are included in the fishing license. Anyone can fish within the city boundaries. A few regulations; you may not fish with a casting rod on the bridges. Throw back salmon smaller than 50 cm. You are not allowed to fish outside Operakällaren between March and November as the birds are fed here.

  • Ice skating  
    Ice skating needs special attention because in Stockholm you can skate on rinks but also around Stockholm on the lakes and in the archipelago. In fact a very popular sport is long distance skating. The blades of the skates are longer and you have a trekking shoe that you attach the blade to. It is much faster than with regular skates. Before you buy skates you may want to try it. You can rent skates and all the necessary equipment at Naturkompaniet on Hantverkargatan 38-40 on Kungsholmen.
    There is a small ice rink in Kungsträdgården adjoining Sweden House. Next to the Stadium at the comer of Valhallaviigen/Lidingovägen there is a 1 km ice track, and there is a similar circuit on Gärdet nearby. Nacka, south-east of Stockholm, has a 3 km track and at Norrviken, north of  Stockholm, there is a 14 km skating route beginning at Häggviksskola.
  • Skiing
    There are cross-country ski trails through most of the wooded areas in and around Stockholm and most of these are illuminated at night. There are also a number of slopes with lifts. Four of the eight downhill slopes in the Stockholm area are:
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 7663 460
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 7565253
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 7479980
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 71710 58.
    For further information, enquire at
    Skid- and Friluftsfrämjandet
    Wallingatan 24
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 23 43 50

For information regarding any sports organizations, call Stockholms
Tel. + 46 (0)8 141 800

Fitness centres  

  • Friskis & Vettis
    You find modern gyms in many parts of Stockholm and the suburbs. If you pay the membership fee in one of them you can choose any of the others, too. Look under Gym in the yellow pages for more information on the various locations.

Most of the public indoor pools offer swimming courses during the winter season and the outdoor pools have similar courses during the summer season. Details of both indoor and outdoor pools can be obtained from
Tel. + 46 (0)8 141 800

  • Swimming pools
    Sturegallerian 36
    Stockholm -
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 545 015 00
    At the beautifully restored art nouveau bath house in central Stockholm, Sturebadet, you can do laps in the grotto-like pool, use exercise machines, join an aerobics or water gymnastics class, steam in the Turkish bath or bake in a sauna. You can work out with a private instructor or in a group and you have access to a fully equipped gym with Cybex machines and free weights, cardio vascular equipment and a full range of aerobics.
  • Centralbadet
    Stockholm Brunnsbad,
    Drottninggatan 88,
    111 36
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 545 213 15
  • Tennisklubben TSK Malmen
    Fiskartorpsvägen 20
    114 33
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 613 30 85
  • Kungl. Tennishallen (Squash/Tennis)
    Lidingövägen 75
    115 94
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 459 15 00  
  • Equestian sports
    Solvalla is a trotting venue open for competition on Wednesdays. Buses leave from City Terminalen on evenings with races. Tel. +4686359000. Täby Galopp is open for racing once a week. Take Roslagsbanan to Täby and you will see the track from the station.
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 7560230
  • Riding schools
    Djurgårdens Ridskola
    Hunduddsvägen 24-26
    115 25
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 662 21 47


  • Tantogårdens Bangolfklubb
    117 34
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 669 82 95
  • Svea Bowlinghall
    Sveavägen 118
    113 50
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 441 85 50 
Outdoor activities   The Association for the Promotion of Outdoor Life (Friluftsfrämjandet) runs guided outdoor activities through 490 local branches all over Sweden. Among the activities organized by this Association are skiing, canoeing, sea kayaking and long distance skating. Friluftsfrämjandet
  • Instrumentvägen 14
    126 53 Hägersten
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 447 44 40
    fax:  + 46 (0)8 447 44 44
  • Natural environments
    "Everyman's right" (Allemansrätten) is a series of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when living in Sweden. It allows visitors to walk, camp, canoe and ski where they like, provided they act responsibly. The bottom line is: "Don't disturb and don't destroy". You may fish along Mälarens and Saltsjöns shores; you can put up a tent on someone else's property for one night as long as it isn't part of their garden or cultivated land. If you have a dog you also must remember that dogs must be on leash between March 1 through August 20 to protect other animals.
  • Nature activities for children include the Swedish Scout Association, the "Forest School"  (Skogsmulleskolan) and the forest Wanderers (Skogströvarna). Sweden has around 20 national parks with native forest and a network of footpaths.
  • Hunting 
    Hunting is a popular sport in Sweden. The Swedish Hunters Association,
    (Svenska Jägarförbundet)
    Tel. + 46 (0)8 795 3300
    can answer your questions about importation of weaponry and other hunting related issues. Also see under Directory of Services Hunting/Fishing. 


Bingo is the favorite here together with card games. The knowledge of Swedish is fundamental if you wish to join any of these local social games associations.

If you do not know Swedish you can still join in social activities through the international clubs. The International Women's Club, for example, has social activities organized for all the members and in this case the language used is English. If among those activities organized by the club there is not the one you are an expert on, you will have the opportunity to start it yourself by leading a new group.

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