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Stockholm - Private schools

Every year more and more schools are opening in Stockholm and its surroundings which defines themselves "International". When you have to decide especially for secondary school you need to check that the school is accredited or has a well established program which is well known to the outside world.

The following four schools offer the complete line of study

  • International School of Stockholm
    Johannesgatan 18
    III 38
    Tel: + 46 8 412 40 00
    fax: + 46 8 412 40 01
    e-mail: [email protected] 
    The curriculum is British/American
    Classes: Pyp, Myp, IB
    ACCREDITATION: European Council of International Schools .
    authorization for IBPYP and IBMYP and IB Diploma
    Language of instruction: English
    Age range 4 - 18
    You need to pay a registration fee and the annual fee. The price of meals are not included
  • International School of Nacka
    Brantvägen 1
    Tel: + 46 8 718 83 00
    fax: + 46 8 718 83 02
    email: [email protected]
    The curriculum is British/American
    Age range 4 - 18
    Membership  European Council of International Schools .
    Authorization for IBPYP and IBMYP and IB Diploma
    Language of instruction: English
    You need to pay a registration fee and the annual fee. The price of meals are not included
  • Lycée Francais Saint-Louis (French International School)
    Essingestråket 24
    Tel: + 46 8 441 30 30
    fax: + 46 8 441 30 40
    email: [email protected]
    Language of instruction : French
    Curriculum: French
    Age range: 3 to 18
    Registration fee and the yearlyschool fee
    The school runs from : August to June.
  • Deutsche Schule Stockholm (The German School)
    Karlavagen 25
    Tel: + 46 8 679 98 44
    fax: + 46 8 679 50 30
    Curriculum : German
    Language of instruction: German
    Age range: 3 to 18
    Registration fee and the yearly school fee
    The school runs from August to June

The following two school are well known in Stockholm but offer only one section of the education for your child.

  • British International Primary School of Stockholm
    Ostra Valhallaviigen 17
    182 68
    Djursholm (Stockholm)
    Tel: + 46 8 755 2375  
    fax: + 46 8 755 2635
    email: [email protected]
    The curriculum is British/international
    Language of Curriculum : English
    Age range : 3-11 (7th grade)
    You need to pay a registration fee and the annual fees.
    School day runs from 08.45 to 15.15.
  • Kungsholmen's Gymnasium - International Section
    Box 12601
    Tel: + 46 8 693 5303
    fax: + 46 8 6935301
    email: [email protected]
    grades: 10th , 11th and 12th
    The International Section offers three different programmes:
    * the Social Sciences Programme,
    * the Natural Sciences Programme
    * the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme

The first two programmes follow the Swedish national curriculum which is taught in English. These two programmes are based on continuous assessment and do not have a final examination. The award of grades is to be looked upon as a continuous process. Grades are awarded on the completion of every course and not for individual subjects or for each term. Grades are awarded on a four-point scale: Fail, Pass, Pass with Distinction and Pass with High Distinction.
The IB Programme is an internationally recognized curriculum and examination. This programme leads to a final examination which is marked and graded by outside examiners.

All three programmes are well recognized and accepted by universities in Sweden and in other countries around the world.
Language of instruction: English
If you are a tax payer resident in the country you will not pay any school fee and material and lunches will be provided as well.
If you are a diplomat or employed by a UN type of organization you have to pay the school fees which differ from course to course. The fees include the lunches in the school canteen.

For more information consult the yellow pages of your telephone directory
under "skolar" pag 934.

Following are bilingual schools whose curriculum is swedish, some have recently opened in the Stockholm area or have recently expanded the programs to include more years of instruction.

Stockholm area

VITTRA TELFONPLAN (opening in august 2011)
Snickerigatan 4
Tel: + 46 (08-681 69 80 (Eva-Britt Hiort)
E-mail: [email protected]
In Autumn 2011 Vittra will be opening in Telefonplan a new bilingual school (eng/swe), whose curriculum is inspired to the principle of EU's eight key competences for lifelong learning (wish to know more click here). For the first year the school is welcoming children and pupils from the preparation class (6 years of age) to fifth grade (11 years of age). The school plans to expand the courses to welcome pupils up to 16 years old (2016). Vittra Telefonplan belongs to Vittra International schools and as such shares the one computer per student program.  

VITTRA Sjöstaden
Lugnets Allé 60 
Tel: + 46 (0)8-556 979 60
Fax: + 46 (0)8-556 979 61
email: [email protected]
Caters to students from 6year old of age to 16 years old 

VITTRA Luma Park

Lumaparksvägen 12
Telephone: + 46 (0)8 556 949 50
Fax: + 46 (0)8 556 949 59
Email: [email protected]
Offering classes to pre-school children aged 1 to5 years old and primary school years to students from 6 to 9 years old of age  

VITTRA Katrineberg (Pre-school only)

Katrinebergsbacken 24
Tel: + 46 (0)8-19 78 77
Email: [email protected]
For children between 1and 5 years old

VITTRA Rösjötorp

Lomvägen 100
192 56 Sollentuna  (north of Stockholm)
Tel: + 46 (0)8-585 755 70
email: [email protected]
Offering both a pre-school for 1 to 5 years old and primary school accepting students from 6 to 11 years old

VITTRA Lidingö
Vesslevägen 3
Tel: + 46 (0)8-767 00 89 
Fax: + 46 (0)8-731 59 40
email:  [email protected]
Offering both a pre-school classes for 1 to 5 years old and school years for students from 6 to 16 years old


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