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Stockholm - Vaccinations for pets

The EU has uniform welfare requirements as well as standards for trade in, and transfer of, animals between Member States. This also applies to import from countries outside the EU. Moreover, Sweden has special rules on trade in animals to prevent new contagious diseases from entering Sweden.

Sweden is a rabies free country and in order to maintain this the first requirement for importing pets is the rabies vaccination. Countries which are recognized rabies free within EU/EFTA are Norway, Ireland, Iceland and United Kingdom; outside the EU/EFTA are Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and the federal state of Hawaii.

Dogs must be vaccinated against leptospirosis. To be valid, the vaccination must be no older than 1 year and 45 days and must be performed no later than 30 days before import.

Distemper and deworming
Dogs and cats must be dewormed against tapeworm with an approved preparation containing praziquantel within 10 days before import into Sweden. They should be dewormed an additional time after approximately 10 days after the import to Sweden.
They must be vaccinated against distemper.

Identification mark
Dogs and cats must be ID-marked with a permanent tattoo or an ID standardized microchip for dogs and ISO standardized microchip for cats. The identity number must be clearly stated in the veterinary certificate and in all vaccination documents.

For more information regarding the import of pets . Information is given in English under "Animal Health and Welfare".

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