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Stockholm - Pets

Swedes are fond of their animals. Cats and dogs are treated as family and live inside the home. There are a lot of people with pets in Stockholm but you must be aware that many of the rental contracts don't allow pets. But if they are allowed they must not make any noise that disturbs the neighbors, and you may not hit your animal.

If you have an "outside" pet - before deciding to take your pet with you, please remember that here winters are very long and cold. To walk a dog off the leash is not allowed during the period March 1st through August 20th. When taking your dog for walks you are required to pick up your animal's deposits and take it to a garbage bin. Name tags with address and phone numbers are helpful if the animal strays. For more information about regulations, good exercise areas and parks to walk dogs call Stockholm's Kommun and order the book "Hund i Stockholm".

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