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Stockholm - Museums

Stockholm has a large numbers of museums. Here is a list of the most popular

  • Aquaria Vattenmuseum
    Tel: + 46 8 660 49 40
    for lovers of water and fish, it even has a rainforest.
  • Fotografiska Museet (Museum of Photography)
    Tel: + 46 8 6664 384 for appointments
    This museum was founded in 1971 as a department of Moderna Museet and comprises over 200,000 works. The comprehensive library is open to the public and the Museum also arranges lectures, symposia, debates, film screenings and workshops.
  • Junibacken
    next to the Vasa Museum
    Tel: + 46 8 587 230 00
    This is the land of Pippi Longstocking, the rebellious redhead from Astrid Lindgren's stories. Children from the age of 5 are invited to play in Pippi's Villakulla. There is a train ride through the fairytale land and children can play in Pippi Longstocking's house: In the multimedia room your child can learn colors and other skills on computers.
  • Museum of Natural History
    Frescativägen 40
    Tel: + 46 8 519 540 00
    This imposing museum has a wonderful exhibition entitled "4.5 Billion Years: the History of the Earth" where children can see dinosaur skeletons, use computers with the Micr.Soft Dinosaurs program and in general marvel at the evolution of the earth. In addition, older children will enjoy the dome-shaped cinema (Imax) called Cosmonova where they can see such spectacles as: Grand Canyon. The Living Sea; Cosmic Voyage; and, Blue
    Angels. Ticket bookings for this cinema can be made by calling: 66651 30.
  • Nationalmuseum The National Museum
    Södra Blasieholmshamnen
    103 24
    Tel: + 46 8 519 543 00 
    This is Sweden's largest art museum. It originated with the Royal Collections whose history begins in the 16th century with Gustav Vasa's art collections at Gripsholms
    Castle. The Museum' s collection includes art from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, with special emphasis on Swedish painting in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Nobelmuseet (Nobel Museum)
    Gamla Stan
    Tel: + 46 8 23 25 06
     All about the Nobel Prize
  • Nordiska Museet
    Tel: + 46 8 519 560 00 
    Nordic cultural museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • Skansen Open-AirMuseum
    Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
    Tel: + 46 442 80 00
    Skansen is the world's first open-air museum and shows building of cultural and historic interest from various parts of Sweden. The houses and farmsteads of the countryside and the Town Quarters are inhabited by people in period costume, and living home occupations and crafts are on display all year around. For children, there are pony rides, animals, an aquarium and a monkey house. A number 44 or 47 bus or the ferry from Slussen will get you there.
  • Tekniska Musset (The Museum of Science and Techology)
    Museivägen 7
    Tel: + 46 450 56 00
    The Teknorama in this museum gives children the opportunity to make their own experiments. It is open on weekends between 12:00 and 16:00.
  • Tom Tits Experiment
    Storgatan 33
    Tel: + 46 522 525 00
    This is a wonderful museum for children. It is an exhibition about the human anatomy, air, water and light, etc. A great "hands on" experience.
  • Vasamuseet (The Vasa Museum)
    Galärvarvet 14
    Tel: + 46 519 548 00
    The Vasa is the only surviving 17th century warship in the world. The Vasa was the pride of the Swedish fleet which sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The ship was salvaged in 1961 and has been on display in a new location since 1990. A film is shown every hour about the salvage ; of the Vasa. It is a must see while residing in Stockholm! There are tour guides daily in English , and well worth the time!
  • Östasiatiska Museet (Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities)
    103 27
    : + 46 8-519 557 50
    The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities is one of the foremost museums for East Asian and, in particular, Chinese art in the world. The collections cover the period from the Chinese Stone Age to present time. Chinese sculptures, paintings, ceramics and porcelain, Japanese and Korean art can be viewed as well as an unique Chinese glass collection.
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