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Stockholm - Mortgage

It is common for Swedish people to have a mortgage and it is relatively easy to get one through your bank. If you are a resident and a taxpayer here you will not have any problem in getting one. If you are an expat with no residence status, the chance of getting a mortgage is extremely low. There are many mortgage options available to suit everybody's needs.

If you wish to buy a property and you need to take a mortgage you can go to your bank. Mortgages, like loans, can be obtained by private financial companies or by banks. In Sweden banks offer a much better deal in regards to loans and mortgages since their interest rate on the amount borrowed is much lower than those offered by private companies. As long as you are a resident and have a work permit, you are eligible. What you need to do is to get an appointment with one of the bank personnel to talk about your specific situation. You will need to fill in the form you will be given. They will evaluate your request and based on your income, expenses and the type of asset you can give as a form of security they will determine the value of the mortgage they are prepared to give you.

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