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Stockholm - Money transfer

Money transfer in and out  

There is no limit to the amount of Swedish or foreign currency that may be taken into Sweden. An unlimited amount of foreign and local currency may be exported but for amounts over SEK 75 000, contact the Swedish Central Bank

In Stockholm there are various companies who deal with money transfer like "Western Union " for example. It deals with cash transaction from more than 190 countries. There are more than 70 representatives in Stockholm. For the location closest to you call:
Tel: + 46 (0)8 020 741 742
website: .

Banks can exchange many currencies, however there are exchange services that will often offer better rates. FOREX is the most commonly used exchange service provider. If you keep the receipt of the money you changed you can change back what remains on your return for no extra fee. There are many Forex representatives in Stockholm:

  • Central Station
    Arlanda Express terminal
    Vasagatan 14
    Sveavägen 24
    Kungsgatan 2
    Götgatan 94
    Airport terminal 2 and 5.

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