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Stockholm - Banking online

Each bank has its Internet system, which is widely used. Once you have open your account you can ask your bank for Internet banking facilities. There is an annual charge of about SEK250. You will be given a special PIN code to access the site and than you will be able to use all the facilities offered like paying on line. At the moment the information pages can be found also in English but the vast majority of functions are still in Swedish. Do not feel discouraged because with some practice you will be able to use this system efficiently even without a good knowledge of the language. What you need to do is to go to your bank home page - log in- write your PIN code - choose BETALNINGAR (payments) - choose NY (for new payment).

Account number - kotonummer
Company's name - mottagarnamn
Amount  - belopp
Date for payment - betaldatum
The reference number is called 'OCR' number that is located at the bottom left side of the bill.

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