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Stockholm - Jobs

There are 4.3 million working people in Sweden of whom 2.3 million are men and 2 million are women. Five per cent of the workforce are immigrants. Around 34% are employed in private services (mainly commerce, banking and insurance); a further 32% in central and local government (the largest percentage in Europe) and 25% are employed in industry. 80%of women between the ages of 16 and 64 are in work -one of the highest in Europe, and they make up 48% of the workforce (however, 40% of women work part-time). Women are able to work as there are such good child day-care facilities.

Until 1990, unemployment was virtually non-existent but the percentage of jobless is currently 6% with a further 5% on government training schemes.

Useful vocabulary   

Employment agency Arbetsförmedlingen
Resume, CV CV or Meritförteckning
CV Curriculum Vitae
Recruiters Rekryterare
Director of Personnel Personalchef
Help Wanted ads Platsannonser
Temporary Agency Personaluthyrare


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