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Stockholm - Housing typology

Type of accommodation
* apartments
* houses

In Stockholm there is a wide variety of property to rent, from centrally located apartments to larger houses with gardens in the outlying suburbs. Availability is limited but demand is high.

If you wish to be in the center of the "action" you will choose to live in an apartment. There are a lot of small flats available but they are between 30 to 80 sq meters. Quite a few between 80 and 120. Very few above 130.

The standard of housing is very high. Houses in Sweden are well built and well heated with double-glazing on all windows. Many houses are in the 150-200 sq.metre range. Usually the price increases in accordance with the proximity to the sea front.

Rented properties usually have a fitted kitchen with appliances such as fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine. Apartments blocks often have communal laundry facilities in the basement. Bathroom will have fitted cupboards and many houses have a sauna. Often floors are made of wood block, so there are few, if any, carpets. Most Swedish rental homes don't include the light fixtures. Be sure to ask what stays in the house before renting.

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