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Stockholm - Housing

Stockholm is not like other major cities. There is a severe housing shortage and rentals are very difficult to find so you will need assistance to find a place to live. If you are planning on staying here for a longer period of time you may want to consider buying, although at the moment the demand far exceeds the supply with many prospective buyers for each apartment and house in attractive areas. New buildings within the city limits are very rare, most buildings are older than 1950.

Stockholm is surrounded by water and the expression that Stockholm is the "Venice of the North" was heard the first time in the early 16th century and is still used today. Each part of town has its own atmosphere and soul, and all neighborhoods within the city are attractive.

Useful vocabulary

Property owners Fastighetsföretag
Real estate companies Fastighetsmäklarföretag
Real estate agents Fastighetsmäklare, mäklare
Relocation Firms Relocation företag
Sales Försäljning
Rentals, leaseholds Uthyrning
Rental apartments Hyreslägenheter
Looking for rentals Önskas hyra
Apartments    Lägenheter, våningar
Houses   Hus, villor
Sublets    Hyra i andra hand
Cooperatives,building societies Bostadsrätt
Contract   Kontrakt
Monthly charge excluding utilities Kallhyra
Garden   Tomt, trädgard
Studio    Etta, 1 r.o.k,
One bedroom Tvåa, 2 r.o.k.
Two bedroom Trea, 3 r.o.k
Square meter m 2   Kvm'
Bedroom   Sovrum
Dining room Matsal
Kitchen   Kök
Living room Vardagsrum
Open fire place oppen spis
Ceramic wood stove Kakelugn
Balcony, terrace, porch Terrass, altan, uteplats
Within city limits innanför / inom tullarna

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