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Stockholm - House rent

It is not so easy to find a place to rent here in Stockholm because the demands are greater than the availability. To find something that corresponds with all your specifications, size, costs, area, may therefore, take a long time and a lot of luck.

In finding a place you do need help so be ready to pay for assistance. Relocation companies hired by your company are probably the safest route for you to take. But you can also go to Real Estate Agencies (Bostadsförmedlingar). Ask around to find the best one. Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to look in the classifieds in the daily newpapers Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet. Look under Uthyrning (rentals) and Forsaljning (sales).

Leases are usually for a period of 1-3 years with an option to renew. If you are a self-employed person you may encounter an additional problem since the owner usually asks for a guarantor ("borgesman"). Deposits do not play a safety role  and are only occasionally required. Brokerage fees are normally 10% of the first year's rent but there is no legal maximum. Landlords are responsible for repairs/decoration but tenants must pay for any breakages. The lease will be in Swedish, so it is a good idea for a solicitor to check it before signing. Tenants can cancel contracts giving 3 months' notice. Most properties are let unfurnished or part furnished but there is little difference in price between the two types. In case of apartments, service charges, heating and water costs are included in the rent.

If you know how long your new job will keep you in Stockholm then you should be careful on the type of rent you are engaging yourself. Basically in Sweden there are two forms of rental contract: a first hand contract and a second hand contract. A first hand contract which the tenant takes out directly with the owner of the property, gives the tenant a high level of security since there is no time limit to it. The second hand contract is basically a sublet by someone who has a first hand contract and does not want to loose it while he/she needs to go abroad for a couple of years for work reasons. In these cases you need to be very careful on the length of time the place is available.

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