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Stockholm - Hospitals

There are about 80 county hospitals where health care is provided in a number of specialist fields such as inpatient care and partly as outpatient care. They also include psychiatric care provided more as outpatient care.

In addition to these 80 county hospitals there are nine regional ones which have a greater range of specialist and sub-specialist fields than at county level (neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery and highly specialized laboratories).

Usually you do not need a referral to obtain specialist hospital-care. You can call for an appointment and go directly to the hospital without going via your family doctor or your local clinic (Vårdcentralen)

Hospital registration
You must obtain a hospital card (patientbricka) for each family member. Bring your personal identification document to the information desk at the hospital and they will make a plastic card for each person. You must show this card on future visits.

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