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Stockholm - Healthcare companies

Benefits for the sick
Sweden has an extensive system of benefits for the sick. This system includes not only sickness benefit but also compensation for participation in labour market rehabilitation schemes, compensation payable to persons with infectious diseases who are obliged to stay in quarantine, and benefits payable to expectant mothers who are unable to work due to pregnancy.

In Sweden there is a national Health Care System so if you fit in this scheme you do not need a private health insurance. To obtain the full service it is necessary to be formally insured and to be registered with the Social Insurance Office. Those expatriates whose stay is less than one year or have a particular type of contract which allows them not to pay taxes here in the country are not considered resident from the point of view of social benefits legislation. They will need a personal health insurance that is usually organized by the company they are working for.

There are no private medical insurance facilities in Sweden and therefore if you need to organize your own insurance you are advised to take out comprehensive cover before departure for Sweden.

Insurance companies include:

  • International Health Insurance Denmark
    Head Office
    8 Palaegade
    DK-1261 Copenhagen K
    Tel: + 45 33 15 30 99
    email: [email protected]  
    This company insurers expatriates of all nationalities in more than 150 countries world-wide. World-wide Health Insurance Card offers 24 hours emergency service
  • BUPA International
    Russell Mews
    BN1 2NR
    Tel: + 44 1273 208
  • Expacare Insurances services
    Dukes Court
    Duke Street
    GU21 5XB
    Tel: + 44 1483 717800
    email: [email protected]    
  • American Citizens Abroad
    1051 N.George Mason Drive
    VA 22205
    eamil: [email protected]
    US citizens can obtain insurance through this association.
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