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Stockholm - Health

Sweden has a National Health Care System which entitles all the residents in the country, regardless their nationalities, the right to be looked after by the State....if, of course, they are tax payers!

All citizens of EU are entitled to the benefit of the health care system in an emergency situation. If they plan to be in Sweden for a maximum period of 6 months, they must provide  the E111 form duly filled in by the health authority in their own country.

Stockholmers get healthcare online

From July 2003, all health care centres should be online. That means you will be able to make enquiries or appointments with a doctor and renew prescriptions on the Internet.
Note:  You can only get pain relievers like aspirin or panadol at the pharmacy/Apoteket.
Everything you want to know about health care in Sweden

Useful vocabulary   

Doctor  doctor, läkare
Dentist   tandläkare
Hospital    sjukhus
Medical care center vårdcentralen
Emergency room casualtry akutmottagning
Pharmacy, chemist drugstore apoteket
Medicine   medicin
Expiry date - sista datum, använd fore


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