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Stockholm - Garbage

A refuse collection service operates on a regular basis and a charge is made. Recycling is very common. In an apartment building you will often find a rubbish chute on each or the main floor, or simply a room on the ground floor called "Soprum" and from where the garbage is collected three times a week. Most buildings have also a room specially designed for disposal of larger items called "Grovsoprum."

If you live in a house the municipality has contractors for garbage collection. Call the technical office in your municipality to find out which company services your area. Then you must call them to let them know that you have moved in and need them to collect the garbage.

Newspapers and other waste paper products are collected in most areas of Stockholm. Your building will have a notice in the entrance hall stating what day of the week collection takes place. Put the paper garbage separately in paper bags, it can then be recycled. If you live in a house ask your neighbor.

Glass products and bottles can be returned at Systembolaget or your local grocery store. If you see a sign with an arrow on the back of the label that means you will get a refund. Otherwise you will dispose of them in the big green plastic containers that are placed all around the city...those for colored glass (färgat glas) and those for white glass (ofärgat glas).

To dispose of old clothes and shoes you have a yellow big container with the letters "UFF." These items will be sent to needy people in other countries.

Chemicals and old paints, old electrical appliances and bigger items can be returned to special places called miljöstation (environmental station). Ask a petrol station for information on the nearest one to you.

Water, garbage and heating expenses are paid by the landlord. If you own a flat these charges will be part of the monthly fee you have to pay to the building association.

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