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Stockholm - Foreign resident requirements

Foreign nationals holding residence permits do not require visas.

Residence permit
Citizens from other Nordic countries do not need residence permits but they must report their presence here to the local tax authority for registration.

EU nationals must obtain residence permits within three months after entering Sweden. Applications can be found at the local police station. Bring your passport and statement from your company regarding employment.

EU nationals are granted five-year residence permits which may be renewed for additional five-year periods after application. If the period of employment is shorter than one year, a residence permit for the period of employment only is granted. If, during the period of the first five-year residence permit, the employed person has been involuntarily unemployed for a continuous period of more than one year, the period of a new residence permit may be limited.

Foreign nationals holding residence permits are entitled to enter Sweden for that period. Each time you renew it you will also be subject for consideration for a permanent residence permit. However if you are not granted such a permit you may not reapply a fourth time. This does not apply to students or trainees.

Resident permits for students

You must obtain a resident permit at a Swedish embassy in your native country before entering Sweden. Once you have been accepted at a school or university, the immigration board will decide whether or not you qualify for a permit. You must also show that you have adequate financial support throughout the period of your studies. You will be notified of the Board's decision by the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. Permits are granted for one year at a time for the period of studies envisaged. You may not take up any form of employment during the university or college terms but only during the summer months i.e. 15th of May to 15th of September.

Residence permit to establish a company in Sweden

To start a company the person must have a residence permit and a trade license may also be required. Apply at the Swedish embassy or consulate in your native country. Documentary evidence that you have access to the capital needed to establish or purchase a company: financial means to support yourself and family for at least one year in Sweden; details of your business plans; references banking connections; experience in the field; market forecasts; etc.
If you have purchased an existing company you must submit the two most recent financial reports.
An application may take up to two months to process. The permit must be approved and entered in your passport before you enter Sweden. The permit is valid for six months at a time for the first two years. Apply to the police for extensions. At the first application for an extension the Immigrant Board will check to see whether you can support yourself or whether you have been granted or applied for a trade license, if required, and whether you have started a business.
For more information contact the county administrative board (Länsstyrelsen) in Sweden (Lansstyrelsen in Stockholm Tel. +468 78540 00).

Resident permit for self-employed persons

Citizens of EU nations may be self-employed pursuant to the same terms and conditions as Swedish citizens. When applying for a residence permit, self-employed persons must enclose a certificate of incorporation for their company from the county administrative board or the Patent and Registration Office. Residence permits are granted for a period of five years and can be renewed.

Renewal of resident permits

Apply at the local Police station yearly. Photos are not necessary for renewals. The Police department will stamp your passport. The processing of the application takes about 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) you will be notified by mail that you are to take your passport to the police to receive your visa.

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