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Stockholm - Education

One fundamental principle of the Swedish education system is that all children and young people must have equal access to education, regardless of ethnic and social background as well as residential locality. Education is equal within each type of school, irrespective of where in the country it is provided.

The curricula for compulsory and upper secondary education are uniform nationwide. All public education is wholly or partially financed by the public budget and tuition is free of charge. Various financial assistance schemes are provided for students in upper secondary, adult and higher education.

 If you become a tax payer resident in Sweden, you will be entitled to the same benefits as the Swedes: free education as long as you are interested in learning Swedish. The language used in the municipality schools is Swedish and if you prefer your child to attend a private school where the tuition language is not Swedish, you will have to pay a registration fee and a tuition fee.This varies from school to school. In Stockholm private schools are the French School, the German School, the International School of Stockholm and of Nacka.

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