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Stockholm - Driving tips

Sweden is a right hand drive country. The law requires you wear a seatbelt regardless of where in the car you are seated and you must have your dipped headlights on at all hours. At dusk and when it is dark always have your headlights on full, but dim the lights when you meet another car.

Don't use your horn unnecessarily, people in Sweden are unaccustomed to that so it can easily scare or disturb other drivers. When you drive on the highway you will notice that many drive on the right shoulder, this is to enable cars to overtake them from behind and reduce the risk of an accident.

There are no tolls on the roads. Speed limits are clearly marked on traffic signs. You will be fined if you get caught for speeding and if your speed is excessive, your driver's license will be revoked. Maximum speed on Swedish highways is 110km/hour. Regular roads have a maximum speed of 90km/h. If you have a mobile home or a caravan maximum speed is set at 80km/h. Maximum speed in cities and villages is 50km/h. In areas where there are schools and daycare centers maximum speed is 30km/h.

Don't drink and drive. Laws are very strict - a glass of wine or a beer is the maximum allowed. A concentration of 20mg or over in a Breathalyzer may result in imprisonment for a maximum of six months. Moreover, your license will be suspended for at least a month and possibly for a maximum of three years. A concentration of 150mg in a Breathalyzer will result in imprisonment for a maximum of one year. In addition, the driver will lose his license for at least one year.

Look out for animals. Accidents with wild animals, especially deer, are very common in Sweden and if you see signs with animals with a distance 1-1.5km be aware that this is a section of the road where wild animals often cross.

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